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The purpose of the Crystal Inventory Subscription is to allow Swarovski collectors access Swarovski Crystal information online to create a listing of Swarovski figurines in their collection.

We offer an ANNUAL subscription to inventory Swarovski Collections, which includes of 250, 750, or 2250 points per year. The price that follows is for a one-year subscription:
- $100 for the Inventory Module and 250 points over the next 12 months.
- $160 for the Inventory Module and 750 points over the next 12 months.
- $195 for the Inventory Module and 2250 points over the next 12 months.

This subscription allows collections to inventory their Swarovski collection using the points allotted for the inventory process and download a text file of their inventory, which includes pre-determined or self-assigned insurance values for their collection.

A "point" is really a page view for an individual piece of crystal. For every point remaining in your account, a subscriber may view the product details of one piece of Swarovski. For example, if you purchase a inventory subscription which includes 750 points, you can inventory your collection using viewing up to 750 crystal pieces of your choice (for the purposes of creating your personal Swarovski Inventory) and storing the collection data on our server for up to one year.

Inventory Subscriptions can be renewed annually, so as long as the subscription is renewed, your inventory is safely stored.
As ERV changes, newly printed reports may reflect the most up-to-date recommended insurance values.

Once your Swarovski collection is inventoried, collectors may use the remaining points to view other Swarovski figurines. With over 5100 items in our database, as a subscriber, you will be able to view COLOR IMAGES of the items, find out the Designer, Dimensions, Year Introduced, Year Retired, MSR and Estimated Replacement Value (for insurance purposes). There is also a short paragraph of information containing the Theme Group, history, or interesting facts for the crystal items.

The subscription to the Crystal Collection Inventory will expire one year after you purchase the subscription.When new version of the WBRB site is released, to correspond with the release of the latest book edition. Your subscription will automatically allow access to the latest most up-to-date information in the book set.

Warning: Google Chrome does not work well with Inventory Service. Please plan to use IE or Firefox to utilize the feature.

Once you have purchased a subscription and the subscription has been activated, you can search for items using a Search Feature in the menu bar in the upper right corner.  The client's name and remaining points displays when subscribers are logged into the site.

The pieces that match the keywords you submit will be shown on the query results page, and will include the piece's name and item number. A sample query result is shown below.

If you don't find what you are looking for, no points being deducted. Your subscription points are good for 1 year from the subscription date.

If you see an item that matches what you are looking for, you can click its name to see the details about that item. At that point, you will be charged one point from your subscription account.  The Blue Diamonds signify that you are on a page for the Crystal Inventory. On this page, clicking on the Blue Diamond at the top of the screen will allow the Crystal Inventory fields to display in the browser window.

Add the information for your figurine, then click the "Add to my collection" button. All prices should be in USD. If you leave the "Personal Value" field blank, the figurine will take on the ERV for the Insurance Value.

Clients may add items to their collections, even if the figurine is not in our database. Type in 'undoc' without the quotes and be sure to type identifying information into the notes field for the figurine since there is no name or part number associated with the figurine.

To view the figurines you have added to your collection, go the the My Collection menu in the Client Portal menu. Note that this only displays WHEN you are logged in. And clients that have only the Page View subscription will not see the My Collection feature either.

The My Collection page includes a Summary of the collection (shown in the light blue rectangle) and allows the collection to be filtered and sorted.
The text at the points of the pink arrows was entered by the member while viewing a page.
The green circles are actions: download the text file containing inventory data, edit the collector's personal data, or delete the figurine from the collection.

Members can edit the information for a figurine that was initially entered.

Members open the exported text file (which may or may not be filtered and sorted prior to the download) using a spreadsheet program like Excel.

Page Views are used in this subscription. Be sure that your inventory is entered before using remaining page views for research on figurines that you may not already own. Be sure to purchase a Crystal Inventory subscription sufficient for the number of figurines in your collection.

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