Help with Swarovski Database Solutions at

Review the Page View Demo and Swarovski Inventory Demo for a brief overview of the Swarovski Subscriptions sold at

To use either the Page View Subscription or Crystal Inventory Subscription, you must be logged in. The link to log in is located in the Client Portal Menu.

Searching Tips:

  • Search by using the official Swarovski name for the item or by number. Using the number system, you must use proper spaces for example, depending on the numbers of the item, ignoring the NR letters. Formats used by Swarovski are
    • XXXX XXX XXXX as in 7600 101 000
    • XXX XXX as in 289 478
    • X XXX XXX as in 1 073 338
  • Use a singular term, ie 'Bear', not 'Bears'. Remember, this is a search on letter matching, not a search on a general group of figurines.
  • Clients with a Paid Subscription can aslo search for Theme Groups since the Warner's description is also searchable.

All prices on our site are USD.

When adding a figurine to your collection, some fields are required (highlightd by green arrows): Date Acquired, Price Paid, Quantity, and Store
and some fields are optional (highlighted by purple arrows): Personal Value and Notes.

Clients may add items to their collections, even if the figurine is not in our database. Type in 'undoc' without the quotes and be sure to type identifying information into the notes field for the figurine since there is no name or part number associated with the figurine.

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