About Warner's Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski

We are Tom and Jane Warner.

Our Swarovski collection began in 1984 with a pair of "Lovebirds", an anniversary gift from our children. As time passed, and our curiosity increased about the history forcing us to expand our knowledge. We learned the gift received was really a pair of mini chickens! The collection grew as birthdays and special occasions passed. In 1987, we had enough pieces to whet our desire for more information. This was also the year of the beginning of the Swarovski Collectors Society (SCS) and its introduction of the annual edition Lovebirds. We joined the SCS as Charter Members. Little did we realize what our Swarovski collection was destined to become!

In 1994, we launched the first Swarovski Silver Crystal Book.
In 1997, we launched the first Swarovski Beyond Silver Crystal Book.
In 2000, we introduced www.wbrbonline.com.
In 2001, we introduced our Silver Crystal COLOR Edition and Beyond Silver Crystal Book COLOR Edition.
In 2001, we added the 'Beyond Silver Crystal' book to the Online Swarovski Book subscription.

In 2003 and 2004, we co-sponsored the Crystal Affair, along with Crystal Exchange America, and Star Track Software.

In 2005, we re-launched the Online Swarovski Book in a more flexible format and with faster query response times. We also added limited FREE access to all the items in the database!

In 2014, we revamped the individual Swarovski Silver Crystal Book and Swarovski Beyond Silver Crystal Book to a Three Volume Swarovski Book Set to ensure that collectors can always find the figurine information they are seeking.

In 2014, we added a web-based Swarovski Crystal Inventory component to our Online Swarovski Book site. Similar to the pc-baseed Star Track Software, the site has a subscription feature that allows collectors to inventory a Swarovski collection and export a file that includes the member-determined insurance value! There are different levels of subscriptions availablle based on collection size. The only one of its kind on the internet!!!  Learn more our newest addition to the products and services we offer, including the Swarovski Collection Inventory service at the site.

In 2016, we aligned the books with Swarovski announcements, introductions, & retirements having book release-dates around the 3rd quarter of even-numbered years. This allows us to include more of the current year introductions, which have never been previously included. It also allows a more accurate list of product retirements for the current year.

We continue to strive for the best possible reference materials available.

We hope you will enjoy the Warner's Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski.

There are many ways to contact us if you have questions about our Books, our Other Products, or other questions about Swarovski Crystal! Feel free to contact the Swarovski Experts at Warner's Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski!

Phone: 937.698.4508

Fax: 937.698.5408

Email: or

Location: About 1.5 hours north of Cincinnati, Ohio in the USA

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