Swarovski Assistance Identification Service

Do you have Swarovski figurines that you need more information about? Many Swarovski figurine owners may be in a situation where they have inherited a collection and know very little about it. Or perhaps, someone was gifted a Swarovski figurine for a special occasion, but they themselves are not serious collectors.. You will be glad to know that we now offer a service where Swarovski figurine owners may purchase 'Swarovski Assistance Service' from us to determine the exact Swarovski figurine in their possession!

ANYONE can purchase the 'Swarovski Assistance Service'. One order for 'Swarovski Assistance Service' will allow you to have up to 5 Swarovski figurines identified. Images are sent to us via email, and within 48 hours, you should know the name and Swarovski identification number(s) of your figurines. This service does NOT include 'paperweight color identification' as this is nearly impossible without a personal inspection.

Subscriber or our Crystal Collection Inventory Subscription will need to 'know' the Swarovski identification numbers to use the inventory service, so the 'Swarovski Assistance Service', may be useful to those individuals too.

For example, in the Crystal Collection Inventory Subscription, you want to add that cute 'porcupine' to the inventory, but you just cannot find it in the list. That is because Swarovski did not call any of their figurines a 'porcupine'. Swarovski called their small quill covered figurines 'hedgehogs'. Well, that information is somewhat helpful, but not enough because Swarovski produced roughly TEN different hedgehogs, so now knowing the size and design becomes critical.

For total success identifying figurine using the 'Swarovski Assistance Service'....

For the quickest response, be sure to include your WBRB order number in the subject line of the email. Up to 5 images may be included with the enquiry.

The expiration date and NO REFUND policy....

Here is more information about the Swarovski Assistance Service image requirements.

  Name Price    
  Assistance Identifying up to 5 Swarovski Figurines $25.00 

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